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Keven Ann Seaver’s love affair with the camera dates back to a certain Kodak Brownie Starflash she took everywhere as a young girl. It wasn’t long before she’d graduated to Nikons and Leicas, and in the seventies she trained formally at the Brooks Institute of Photography, becoming a commercial photographer soon after. But while shooting medical subjects and weddings was fun at first, ultimately it proved too confining. She decided to take a break.

An MBA, two businesses, and 10 years of software industry experience later, Seaver resumed her photographic journey—and this time, with a far freer eye. Roaming the globe, camera in hand, catalyzed her imagination and launched a body of work which has grown increasingly bold and abstract over the decades.

A third-generation Californian, Seaver attributes the universality of her images to her world travels and far-flung inspirations. (Among them, Asian and Aboriginal art, precisionist paintings, and architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry.) Her most recent, ongoing work is a series of abstract grid studies which reflects the minimalist yet potent vision that is Seaver’s alone.

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